Photograms & Photographs of Folded Paper

Image at left: Simon Dobbroe Møller, ‘Unfold your Dreams’, 2004

Form and the Fold from

In recent years, the motif of the fold has become a predominant cipher in contemporary photographic practice. Pointing unmistakeably to the material nature of photographic paper, it simultaneously converts surface into multiple facets and newly acquired volume.

The fold is philosophically complex: a highly charged, liminal juncture between contradictory states. Although singular, for example, it always creates a plurality; while enabling new form, it retains its former potential, reverted to simply by unfolding.

And in deconstruction, the system of literary critique initiated by French philosopher Jacques Derrida, the metaphorical fold occupies a prominent position, symbolic of embedded dualities of textual meaning.

Apply the fold to the photograph, and a potent combination of conceptual and plastic possibility emerges.

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