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I’ve made a new “self-portrait” (a selfie) as part of my Personal Practice Plan and for my promotional website. related to my Master of Fine Arts Final Project exhibition. Actually, I made the selfie pix (embarrassing but true) and then Google+ made a composite for me through it’s automation engine that senses when, via the cloud backup function, you’ve made a series of images in a row or a “burst”. Sometimes Google+ generates a stop-motion animated gif image, and sometimes it creates a multi-frame picture. This time Google+ made an multiple frame picture and I have discovered that in some ways it resembles a self-portrait artwork by Hannah Wilke (a still from this video artwork shown below).


Hannah Wilkie, Gestures (1974-76)
Basierend auf der gleichnamigen
Video Performance von 1974
(35:30 min, b&w, sound)
Silbergelatinepapier, 12 Blatt je 12,7x 17,8 cm
© Marsie, Emanuelle, Damon and Andrew Scharlatt, The Hannah Wilke Collection & Archive, L.A./ VBK, Wien 2012

My new Google+ cloud-generated selfie:


My collaboration with an computer algorithm in making this composite image is interesting and creates a distinct difference between my portrait and that of Wilkie. The constituent images were chosen at random and include images I would have edited out from a series – the image in the bottom left with a goofy eye roll expression for example. The machine generated image and the “goof ups” included are a kind of glitch being revealed in the final image because a human eye probably have chosen a different selection.

Both Wilkie and I were performing for the camera, but she had much more control over the finished image than did I. It is the lack of control I like best about my image in contrast to the self-control asserted when taking a “selfie” portrait.

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