Expanded Light and Space

I found the artwork below by Dan Flavin evocative of how I want to use light and reflections of light to install “The Healing Room”. The minimalism is also appealing. Flavin uses both light and shadow to construct a virtual place. As such, these artwork are a combination of the real and the implied. The experience created by the light source and the expansion of the light (by shade and reflection) is the artwork. When activated, the physical materials of the piece (the fluorescent tubes, the wires, the electricity) fade into the background. I see these works by Flavin as holding the same concepts as expanded painting (in face they are probably expanded sculpture). In my final project I will consider the way in which I install the work and use the light and shadow in the work to create the “expansion” of the work beyond the material components.

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 10.58.35 PM

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