VE 1.1 – Reflective Essay

Visual Enquiry and Research Methods: Brief for the VE Essay

The essay is an opportunity to do some new research or write up an aspect of the research you have carried out during this unit – technical, practical, contextual, theoretical, professional etc., and to explore the impact this has had on your practice or may have in the future. You will need to decide what constitutes your research and to select your own focus.

In this short essay we are looking for a well-argued and evidenced piece of writing. This is an academic piece of writing, in terms of evidence, argument and referencing, however avoid using academic language if it obscures your meaning or just for the sake of it. Aim for clarity of communication and speak with your own voice. Refer back to Zinsser’s advice in video lecture 3 or look at W Strunk’s short book, The Elements of Style, published by Filiquarian Publishing. It is also helpful to look at writing and writers that you admire.

You can use your own and others images to illustrate your argument and provide evidence of your research. Please embed the visual material, hyperlinks need to link directly with image, sound or media files. We are not given time to search for visual material whilst assessing. The quality of presentation and formatting should be good enough for public viewing. Use an appropriate font, font size and line spacing suitable for your chosen format.

The essay should be between 1,500 – 2,000 words, academically referenced (including images) using the Harvard method and accompanied by a bibliography.

There is a guide to essay writing, on the UCA website at: it is worth a look even if you are an experienced writer.

PLEASE NOTE YOU DO NOT HAVE TO FOLLOW THE ESSAY STRUCTURE SET OUT IN THE UCA GUIDELINES.You will be assessed on your ability to communicate, in writing, your research process/es and their impact/s on your practice.

This essay is intended to help you clarify and articulate the developments in your practice during Unit 1:1. It leads to more speculative and experimental research approaches in Unit 1:4, The Exploratory Project, in year 2.

The essay needs to be submitted as a Word or PDF document in the appropriate Dropbox folder by 2nd December 2011.

Formal assessment

Tutor: Angela Rogers




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