1.3 Studio Practice

Studio Practice
Unit Code MA 1.3
Location N/A
Level & Credit M 30 credits
When taught Year 1
Duration One year P/T
Learning hours 300 hours
Date first approved 01/07/10
Date of this version 01/06/10


This unit comprises the first point of independent study in which you will implement the methods and processes initiated in unit MA 1.1. This unit enables each you to develop and extend further an appropriate area of investigation; promote personal initiatives and self discipline in working practice, develop a body of creative work which demonstrates the ability to generate and develop personal ideas and define and focus the progression of your work. No course material will be provided for this unit as you will be expected to work independently, with online support from peers and tutors. This unit will focus on the development and application of research strategies for making art work. Previous research from MA 1.1 Visual Enquiry and Research Methods should inform subject, method and content. You are required to critically examine, then locate these interests within the broader spectrum of contemporary practice, social, political and other frameworks where relevant. You must be concerned with issues relating to visual language and the relationship it has to your ideas or interests.

You will have the option of continuing to develop your work in your established area, or pursue an alternative mode of presentation which may complement your work at this stage. You will be expected to generate a body of visual work that should indicate investigation and enquiry; investigation refers to an exploration of possibilities around a defined area of interest. The format and presentation of the work is at your discretion; you will work out your specific area of practice through tutor and peer group discussion which aims to develop both form and content of the work.  In particular, you will be expected to interrogate what is the ‘x factor’ which makes an artwork surpass its sum of form and content and how this has changed within the contemporary period.


The aims of this Unit are to:

A1     extend an appropriate area of investigation and establish parameters for your research activity;
A2     analyse the conceptual context of your practice to generate complex creative ideas and practices;
A3     demonstrate personal responsibility and independent thought through an integrated approach to practice and contextual issues.


On completion of this Unit you will be able to:

LO1   implement an innovative, experimental and questioning approach to research and an understanding of the relationship between theoretical and practical work;

LO3   demonstrate a developing subject matter and content for study work and a rigorous critical engagement with thematic concerns which extends beyond your own practice;

LO4   locate your work within knowledge of key artists, theorists etc.;

LO5   make articulate, oral and written presentations that introduce and contextualise your activity;


Teaching and Learning is through self-study with support from a tutor at a distance who will provide written and verbal feedback. You will be given unit materials, assigned a tutor, and learn through engagement with projects that lead up to assignments that consolidate learning undertaken in the unit. Tutors normally engage with you via phone and email and are sent work to review. You will work on a series of projects and reflect regularly on your work through keeping a learning log, as well as logging research findings and practical notes. You will be required to engage with your peers using OCA’s online forums.


A body of work, which must include practical work, sketchbooks, a research journal and a 500 word artist statement that contextualises your practice.


You will be assessed on your;

Knowledge of contexts, concepts, and methods specifically

Knowledge of your research context; which integrate imagination, critical awareness and technical or material competence (LO1).

Understanding through the application of knowledge , specifically

ability to undertake a rigorous critical engagement with thematic concerns which extends beyond your own practice (LO2).

ability to identify and understand the work of key artists, professional practitioners, writers and theorists, etc (LO3).

Application of professional skills, specifically ability to articulate oral and written presentations that introduce and contextualise your  activity (LO4).


Bonham-Carter, C (2009) The Contemporary Art Book, Goodman Books, UK.
Godfrey,T.  (2009) Painting Today  Phaidon Press
Web references

You will be required to provide a bibliography to support your own contemporary art practice relevant to your chosen area of expertise. Much of this will be dependent upon your chosen area of practice (i.e. painting, print, ceramics, photography etc.), but should include material which demonstrates theoretical contextualisation of your practice.

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