2.2 Final Project

Unit Title Final Project
Unit Code MA 2.2
Location N/A
Level & Credit M 60 credits
When taught Year 2/4
Duration One year P/T
Learning hours 600 hours
Date first approved 01/07/10
Date of this version 01/06/10


The Final Project focuses on the production of studio work for display at a professional level in a public exhibition; study may locate itself in any media area or reflect a combination of practice(s).  The Final Project is the culmination of the course and will comprise the presentation of a substantial body of practical work backed up by exposition of central ideas and concepts developed throughout the MA. It should demonstrate evidence of advanced technical, conceptual, methodological and theoretical capability over an extended period of self-directed study. As such it should build on your ideas and work made in all previous units and achieve a resolution to this work. This intensive period of study will enable you to identify parameters for your work necessary for ambitious and coherent study to emerge for exhibition.

Professional standards of presentation are expected: you will be required to identify a venue, fundraise and organise press coverage for the exhibition. Developing momentum throughout the unit should be evidenced in accompanying journals and sketchbooks with details of background research such as gallery visits, use of internet fora along with records of online interaction with fellow students and responses to tutor feedback.

The Final Project will be directed by an initial 500 word Project Plan to be agreed in conjunction with your personal tutor and will be concluded in one of the following outcomes:

Written/Practice option (70 – 30%) OR Practice option (100%)

This unit is the culmination of five taught units in which you have developed an advanced and professional art practice. The purpose of the unit is for you to gain confidence in pursuing independent art practice.  It gives you masters level experience of independent artistic practice whilst receiving critical and personal support.


The aims of this Unit are to:

A1     develop advanced practice scholarship in your art practice and contextual work;
A2     demonstrate advanced understanding of complex concepts through written and professional presentation;
A3     develop and demonstrate self sufficiency and a clear vision and strategy to enable sustained professional practice beyond the course.


On completion of this Unit, you will be able to demonstrate:

LO1   a high level of practical skill and technical knowledge in work which is innovative, creative and rigorous in its exploration of concepts;
LO2   evidence of a clear understanding and management of the relationship between reading, meaning and intention;
LO3   the ability to produce work which indicates an intellectual maturity through the application of critical thinking and ambition;
LO4   a professional standard of work which shows curatorial decision-making and professional levels of documentation in the presentation of research and preparatory works;


Teaching and Learning is through self-study with support from a tutor at a distance who will provide written and verbal feedback. You will be given unit materials, assigned a tutor, and learn through engagement with projects that lead up to assignments that consolidate learning undertaken in the unit. Tutors normally engage with you via phone and email and are sent work to review. You will work on a series of projects and reflect regularly on your work through keeping a learning log, as well as logging research findings and practical notes. You will be required to engage with your peers using OCA’s online forums.


Option 1 (50 – 50%) an exhibition of completed art works, 3000 – 5000 word contextual study,
accompanying research material, sketchbooks and research journal OR

Option 2 (100%) an exhibition of completed art works accompanying research material, sketchbooks and research journal.


You will be assessed against the following;

Knowledge of context, concepts, technologies and processes, specifically

knowledge of what constitutes professional art practice and the ability to realise an advanced research idea to an innovative conclusion (LO1).

Understanding through the application of knowledge, specifically

an ability to provide a body of work at a level that stands up to rigorous academic challenge (LO3).

an ability to engage in a long-term intellectual and creative process and reflect on your own and others work (LO2).

Application of technical and professional skills, specifically

a coherent and ambitious visual statement to emerge for presentation in a personally negotiated external venue (LO4).

Stiles, K. (2011) Theories and Documents of Contemporary Art: A Sourcebook of Artists’ Writings, University of California Press, USA.

Web references

For the Final Project students are required largely to create their own research book list.

You will be required to provide a bibliography to support your own contemporary art practice relevant to your chosen area of expertise. Much of this will be dependent upon your chosen area of practice (i.e. painting, print, ceramics, photography etc.), but should include material which demonstrates theoretical contextualisation of your practice.

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