VE 1.1 Studio Task 1: Take Two Influences Instructions

VE Studio Task 1: Take Two Influences

Start 21.2.2011

Submit 7.3.2011

Studio time 6 hours.

This is a research task in the studio i.e. it is not about making a finished piece of work but about exploring and pushing your understanding. It is a focused and time limited task that gives you a boundary within which to work. Don’t spend a lot of time thinking about it beforehand.

Take two influences –

Choose two different influences something that currently interest you – artists, artworks, readings, pieces of music, sound pieces, concepts, cities, relationships, systems etc. etc.

Medium – Use one medium that does not require a lot of preparation, for example – modelling, collage, drawing, photography, found objects, sound or video recording.

Spend 6 hours in total exploring your influences with that medium.

Document what you produce. Observe the methods you choose. Reflect on the results. Record what you discover about your process.

Keep it playful and lighthearted.

You will be asked to share your experience with someone else in the group by phone or Skype. Decide amongst yourselves how and when to do this.

Caroline & Eleanor

Amelia & Sarah

Sue & Jennifer

Pam & Joanne

John & Jonathan

James & Clare

Alexa & Hisami

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