VE 1.1 Reading List

Visual Enquiry and Research Methods Reading List

James, N. (2010) Interviews – Artists, volume 2: Recordings 2010. London. Cv Publications. £12.74. Mostly British artists talking about their practice. There is a volume 2, Recordings 1988-1996, which would be worth buying as well.

Stiles, K. and Selz, P. (1996 £19.00, to be republished April 2011 at £23.70) Theories and Documents of Contemporary Art: A Source Book of Artists Writings. More international and historical perspective. Don’t buy until April.

Papers and chapters of books.

These are available online or as scanned texts on the OCA website or from the British Library.

Brooks, M. (2002) Drawing to Learn. Unpublished PhD thesis. University of Alberta. Accessed 14.1.2011 . Visual ethnography and reflective studio practice.

Brooks, M (2001) The Lived Experience of Making a Life Drawing: Drawing Amy. Phenomonology online. Accessed 14.1.2011.

Eisner, E. (2008) Art and Knowledge. In Knowles and Cole (2008) Handbook of the Arts in Qualitative Research. SAGE, pp 3-12. (OCA website)

Fortnum R. Introduction to Symposium 29 June 2009 at Kettle’s Yard, ‘On Not Knowing: How Artists Think’. Accessed 14.1.2011.

Herivel, A. (1997) A Voyage between Time and Tide: Creating Research in the Studio. Canadian Review of Art Education: Research Issues, Vol. 23, No. 2. pp 55-73. (From British Library.)

Loi, D. & P. Burrows (2006) Magritte and the pea: anomalous artefacts and the contexts they create. Working Papers in Art and Design 4,

McNiff, S. (2008) Art-based Research. In Knowles and Cole (2008) Handbook of the Arts in Qualitative Research. SAGE, pp 29-40. (OCA website)

Newbury, Darren (1996) Knowledge and Research in Art and Design. Design Studies, Vol. 17, No. 2, pp 215-19

Broader reading list you need to decide what is interesting and relevant for you

Holly, M. and Smith, M. (2008) What is research in the visual arts: Obsession, Archive and Encounter. Newhaven and London, Yale University Press. (Art historical focus)

Bourriard, N. (1998) Relational Aesthetics. Dijon, France. Les Presses du Reel. £15.00

Documents of Contemporary Art series, MIT/Whitechapel Press, approx. £7.00. Titles include: Appropriation, The Archive, The Artist’s Joke, Beauty, The Cinematic, Design and Art, The Everyday, Participation, Situation, Utopias etc. (International perspective, very designed appearance with lots of illustrations)

McNiff, S. (2008) Art-based research. London. Jessica Kingsley. £15

Perry, G. and Wood, P. (2004) Themes in Contemporary Art. Open University Press. Out of print. £15.20 secondhand.

Robertson, J. (2005) Themes of Contemporary Art: Visual Art after 1980. Oxford. Oxford University Press. £18.74

Rose, G. (2007) Visual Methodologies. An Introduction to the Interpretation of Visual materials. London and Thousand Oaks, CA. SAGE. £18

Silverman, D. (2007) A Very Short, Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap Book about Qualitative Research. London and Thousand Oaks, CA. SAGE. £11.99

Smith, H. and Dean, R. (eds.) (2009) Practice-led Research, Research-led Practice in the Creative Arts. Edinburgh. Edinburgh University Press. £24.99

Chapters: Beachcombing: A Fossiker’s guide to Whiteness and Indigenous Sovereignty pp 126 -135

Making Space: The Purpose and Place of Practice-led Research . Sullivan G. pp 41-65

Very Short Introduction series, Oxford University Press, £7.99 often cheaper on Amazon, especially secondhand. Inexpensive and very well written introductions, black and white illustrations, useful for deciding where to do more indepth reading.

Titles include: Modern Art, Contemporary Art, Art History, Art Theory, Design, Postmodernism, Architecture, Photography and Film due to be published 2011. Also various individual thinkers and philosophers including Barthes and Foucault.

Warnock, M and Wallinger, M. (2000) Art for All, Their Policies and Our Culture. London. Peer. Letters and documents contributed by a wide range of people involved in recent UK art policy including artists.

Weintraub, L. (2003) Making Contemporary Art: How today’s artists think and work. London, Thames and Hudson. £14.99. Essays, interviews and images. Contemporary and international perspective.

Other authors that might be of interest

Adam Phillips on psychoanalysis.

Pierre Bourdieu on cultural capital.

Boden, M. on creativity, IT and human computer interaction

Johnson, M. on materiality.

Stafford, B on visual analogy and visualising science.

The Dynamics of Now, Art School and Education series published by Wimbledon College (former School) of Art & TATE.


Journals and other publications

Journal of Visual Art Practice published by Intellect.

International Journal of Art and Design Education published by Wiley.

Art Monthly

Art Review

Art Forum


Websites Art and Science projects

http://artsinsociety Journal, conference and newsletter Bridgeman Art Library Artists addressing climate change Inside view of world famous museums and galleries Australian network and journal Museum of Modern Art, New York Various academic discussion groups

TATE lectures, symposia interviews with artists.

Technology Entertainment and Design lectures. Inspiring 18 minute talks

Most large museums and art galleries have an archive section of interviews and talks. on their websites.

Books and online articles looking at practice-led research in more depth, useful for students wanting to progress to MPhil or PhD. Barrett, E. and Bolt, B. (eds.) (2010 paperback) Practice as Research: Approaches to Creative Arts Enquiry. London. I. B. Taurus. £15

Chapters: Bolt. B. The Magic is in the Handling. pp 27-34.

Barrett, E. Developing and Writing Creative Arts Practice Research: A guide. pp 185-205.

Gray, C. and Mallins, J. (2004) Visualising Research: A Guide to the Research Process in Art and Design. London. Ashgate. £28.50

Linked website

Knowles, J. and Cole, A. (eds.) (2008) Handbook of the Arts in Qualitative Research. SAGE. £95.

Macleod, K and Holridge, L. (eds.) (2005) Thinking Through Art: Reflections on Art as Research, New York. Routledge. £60.00.

Chapters: Introduction.

Elkins, J.

Renwick, G.

Orna, E. and Stevens, G. (1995) Managing Information for Research. Buckingham. Open University Press. £19.99

Sullivan, G. (2010) Art Practice as Research: Inquiry in the Visual Arts. London and Thousand Oaks, CA. SAGE. £37

Barfield, N. & M. Quinn (2004) Research as a mode of construction; engaging with the artefact in art and design research. Working Papers in Art and Design 3

Bolt, B. (2006) Materializing pedagogies. Working Papers in Art and Design 4

de Freitas, N. (2002) Towards a definition of studio documentation: working tool and transparent record. Working Papers in Art and Design 2

Gillham, B and McGip, H. (2007) Recording the Creative Process: An Empirical Basis for Practice Integrated Research in the Arts. International Journal of Art and Design Education, Vol. 26, No. 2. pp 177-184. Need Athens number to read full paper, abstract available at:

Hockey, J. (2003) Practice-based research degrees in art and design: identity and adaptation. International Journal of Art and Design Education. Vol 22. No. 1, pp 82-91. Need Athens number to read full paper, abstract available at:,

Loi, D. (2004) A suitcase as a PhD? Exploring the potential of travelling containers to articulate the multiple facets of a research thesis. Working Papers in Art and Design 3

Rust, C. (2007) Unstated Contributions – How Artistic Inquiry Can Inform Interdisciplinary Research. International Journal of Design, Vol. 1, No. 3.

Scrivener, S. (2002) The art object does not embody a form of knowledge. Working Papers in Art and Design 2

Sullivan, G. (2006) Artefacts as evidence within changing contexts. Working Papers in Art and Design 4

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