Year 4: Personal Practice Plan

In my Personal Practice Plan, inserted here, I’ve detailed my my aims and goals focused on 2015 and thinking forward into 2016. A summary of this plan follows:

Link to document:

The MA course of studies has occurred for me over these past four years in conjunction with a number of personal and professional changes. The program allowed me to accomplish my primary aim of challenging and rebuilding my entire art practice in a contextually and critically sound manner, however and perhaps due to the research and assignment work required, I produced less artwork and spent less time in the studio than in previous years. My tutorial with mentor Emily Richardson confirmed that while she was carrying out her advanced studies she also found she produced less work but that the study she conducted informed her work for several years after completing her MA.

My Personal Practice Plan for 2015 and forward reflects my desire to get back into the studio, produce work, and to get back into the world of art and culture outside of my own practice. It’s time to put the work done over the past four years to use in a number of ways. To think through how best to do this I’ve organized my plan into a number of categories: Studio Practice, Ongoing Projects, Public Art & Applied Practice, Curatorial & Publishing, Community, Documentation & Promotions, Skills & Education.


I want to spend more time in the studio, both my real materials studio and my digital studio order to further develop my last two MA projects for institutional or project-based gallery submission. I intend to revisit my Year 3 project “The Liquid Gesture” project and continue to build on “The Healing Room” with a second character. I want to further explore applying expanded painting ideas and techniques to the installation of my experimental film projects. I will also do more exploration with the digital tools for sound and video editing. I need to better understand video codec and formats.


In 2015 I will look for another opportunity to remount my participatory project Give & Take into 2016. I know that I need to improve and streamline the way I produce the small “netsuke” sculpture multiples for the project and possible look to have them manufactured. In 2015 I will create the first publication of images from the previous three times I’ve exhibited this work.


In early 2015 I have the opportunity to relaunch Relaunch Vantage Art Projects, a curatorial and art publishing initiative I started with a colleague in 2008. We have been on hiatus for 2 years. In 2015 a collector we have worked with previously wants to update the photo-documentation of his collection and publish a second version about the collection. Vantage created this first publication about the collection in 2009.


Working on the MA and also working in my career as a project and change manager has meant I have not been attending art openings and studio visits. In 2015 I want to rejoin the Contemporary Art Society of Vancouver (an arts education charity) and rejoin that world of art and culture in Vancouver. My networking activities will be geared towards arranging studio visits to see my MA work and find an opportunity to exhibit that work in Canada.


In 2015 I want to allow the work over the last four years of the MA program to develop in my studio practice. For that reason, I do not plan to pursue any further formal art education in 2015, but will revisit in 2016. I am still interested in the possibility of continuing on to pursue a PhD, but need some time back making and showing my art before that could feel desirable. I will pursue skills training in 2015 for video and sound editing and media production (codec and format knowledge) for my experimental film projects.


In 2015 I will start watching and learning about public art commissions with the hope to landing a commission in 2015 or 2016. As part of this preparation I will update my portfolio website with a section showing previous projects that could be applied as public art works.

Open Calls and Submissions

With the MA studies over  my goals is to respond to more open calls for submissions and artist commissions. I maintain an online Google calendar that I add to over time when I come across an interesting opportunity for submissions. Some of these are one time events and some of these like portfolio reviews happen annually.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 6.31.06 AM

I also follow the public art postings websites for a few local councils in my area such as for the City of Richmond, my birth city:

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 6.43.18 AM


I will be looking for exhibition opportunities in 2015 and 2016 of the work I developed during my MA studies. To support this aim I will be updated and revisiting the documentation of my artwork and my tools to promote my work and practice.

Blog and Website

Over the coming year I will be maintaining this blog as an archive of my research, studies, reflections and the outcome of my MA studies, and putting more focus on my portfolio website as a way to share my projects and my work. I will also build out a section showing more clearly my corporate commissions as I want to move into applying for public art submissions. To date I have designed and coded my own portfolio websites, in recent years using WordPress at the platform. My portfolio address is: (and ).


Social Media

I use Twitter micro-blogging about art, and further distributing any photo-blogging about art and culture via my Instagram account.

Twitter: @jenmawby

@jenmawby Twitter Account

Instagram @jenniferjeanmawby

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I maintain an online archive of my artwork and documentation of my studio practice, process, events and exhibitions on my Flickr account. I’m fortunate that I’m a photographer because I am able to document my own work which I shoot using a variety of cameras including my DSLR, mobile phone camera and iPad. The online albums both keep a visual record of my activities here and to allow access to photos for press and promotional opportunities.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 6.14.41 AM

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 6.12.36 AM


I have a “page” set up on Facebook which I have yet to publish. I’m not sure yet how I want to use Facebook in the combining of my public and private life that occurs with social media accounts, and is actually necessary to create interest in you and what you are doing. I do however use Facebook events for exhibitions and to send invitations.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 6.23.46 AM

Biography, CV and Artist Photo

I have created a shorter version of my artist bio with a succinct reference to my experimental film projects as a result of completing my MA final project. I have also updated my CV. In additional to a CV and biography, a photo is often required as an artist for promotions and it can be a difficult and awkward task to find one amongst family or facebook photos or sit for a new one that strikes the right “chord”. Part of organizing my promotional materials was to have a new headshot on hand. It’s a strange task because it need to be a different type of image than a corporate portrait or an actor’s headshot. I think the best artist photos show something of the personality of both the artist and their work but do not read like they are overtly advertising nor positioning the artist as a self-promoting performer. Another challenge is that I think the best images can’t be too much like a fashion photo, a tourist photo nor a vanity snap. Google+ auto-generated an image for me that I plan to use for the coming year and I’ve compared the image here to a still from a Hannah Wilkie project that had some striking initial similarities to my image:


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