PC 1.2: Case Study


Paragraph Confirming Selection of Subject April 15/11

Submission Date July 11/11

The Professional Context Unit includes a case study, which will form part of your assessed work, to be submitted for assessment on 11th July 2011.

You will research and write a critical evaluation of a contemporary creative practitioner or creative enterprise by completing an in-depth case study assignment. You should choose your subject carefully; you may find it useful to select a practitioner who has a forthcoming exhibition that you will be able to visit and who has a relevance to your own practice. As part of this assignment you may opt to take on a placement and write this up, but this is not mandatory and must be self-initiated and supported.

Please ensure the subject of your case study is a practitioner or organisation working today – i.e. alive and actively showing work in either an organisational or personal way. The intention for this task is to analyse those working within the same political, commercial, social and cultural situation as you are in order that your research will have a direct relevance to your own practice.

The case study submission should include documentation, visual research and a written submission of 1000 – 2000 words and supporting material. Whilst this includes a formal piece of writing, you are encouraged to be creative in your supporting and visual material.

Your choice, or selection of possible choices, should be emailed to Caroline in advance of your forthcoming tutorials with her on either 21st or 28th March so that they and any queries relating to the case study can be discussed.

Caroline Wright

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