PC 1.2 Breaking Your Boundaries

Breaking Your Boundaries – Assignment for Assessment

  • “Exhibition”
  • Documentation of exhibition – Dec. 2/11
  • Reflective Essay

For this task, you are required to seek out an opportunity to show your work that is outside your usual exhibiting context and it is likely that you will make new work specifically for this purpose. Your work will reflect your choice of site for display and you will document the making and exhibiting processes and audience engagement. Although your work will be individually made and assessed, you will be working in a group with selected peers to share, discuss, debate and receive feedback on your progress with this task. It is expected that you will be in contact with your group at least five times relating to this task during the period from May 9th (launch of this task) to December 2nd (hand in for assessment). There is no upper limit of time to your group work. A list of groups is at the end of this document.

Examine where you currently show your work and where you feel is familiar ground. Within this known situation, identify your audience, the agencies you encounter and the manner in which the public encounter your work. Identify a new location and context for your work that challenges your familiar processes and references, using the information in suggested above to create a new and unfamiliar opportunity. Consider alternative sites for display – be adventurous and extend or break any boundaries that are evident in your usual mode of exhibition. Examples might be a site specific location as opposed to a commercial gallery; a community care home as opposed to a white cube gallery space; a collaboratively produced piece of work made by interacting with members of the public and shown in a public building as opposed to a personal work that is made in a private studio and shown online. Consider a range of contexts for showing work e.g. academic, medical, community. Research your new potential audience and how you can engage them with your work, consider the agencies you may come into contact with and any practical issues you will need to resolve and use this knowledge to reach your decision.

It is likely and recommended that you will make new work for this element of the Professional Context unit since you will need to reappraise your practice for this unfamiliar opportunity alongside assessing and evaluating how your existing ways of working can fit into a new context. Visual evidence of this task is to be submitted for assessment on 2nd December 2011 in the form of work produced, documentary evidence of exhibition and exhibition context and portfolio of sketch/preparatory work.

The December assessment includes a requirement for an essay to be completed in the last quarter of the year. This essay will be a reflective piece of writing focused around your Breaking your Boundaries task and should include information and research around site/situation/audience, decision making processes around new contexts, public engagement, reflection on benefits and disadvantages for your practice, evaluation of the task. The essay should be between 1500 and 2000 words, include a bibliography and referenced using the Harvard referencing system. This is a change to earlier information in order to be responsive to workload and to maximize your personal development through this task.

James, Eleanor, Hisami
Jonathan, Caroline, Jo F
Sue, Jennifer, Sarah, Jo K
Claire, Amelia, Alexa, Molly

Tutor: Caroline Wright

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