This is the digital and online journal, notebook and sketchbook for Jennifer J. Mawby, MA Fine Art Candidate at OCA/UCA. As this MA program is an online learning environment I have chosen to create an online blog to manage and publish my course work. This online blog will be supplemented with a submission once or twice yearly of actual real-media studio work, and a sketch book in an “archive box” format to each tutor.

This learning log has both blog posts and pages. The information is structured in the following way:


  • All posts to this blog, regardless of category or tag, can be found under “home” posted in chronological order
  • Posts categories related to course modules and area of research (for example all posts relating to the Visual Enquiry module are labeled as such)
  • Posts are also tagged with labels to further identify, filter and sort the kind of content or the type of research to which they relate
  • This blog uses a Tumblr-style theme and an icon to the left of the post heading indicates if the post is or contains an image, a video, a quote, a text or a link
  • Clicking on an icon will filter and show all posts of that type such as all videos


  • Pages are organized under the navigational headings
  • Content relevant to course modules is organized under specific headings such as “Visual Enquiry” and “Professional Content”. The intent is to ensure that course tutors have efficient access to the relevant information for review and assessment.
  • The navigation headings relate to course modules and other relevant content not directly related to course modules such as research, bibliography development and studio artwork images


  • Bibliography links and lists for quick reference
  • An embedded google calendar of Artist Opportunities that I maintain for artist calls, grant deadlines and residency applications.


  • A page with all Vimeo videos embedded (both idea sketches and completed works)
  • A page with a flip book showing my sketch book for course and studio work
  • A filter for all posts with my art work for either tasks, assignments or studio explorations
  • A link to my public portfolio website
  • Links to third party publication of my artwork (Saatchi Gallery Online, etc.)

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