First Year MA Assessement Requirements

OCA Assessment requirements – Year one MA Fine Art

First stage: 11th of July

All work for this assessment should be delivered online, into your personal Dropbox, including images. Images should be photographed in such a way that a measurement indicator clearly shows its scale. Please check out to see a blog piece on how to photograph artwork:

This includes the following work:

  • Professional Context Unit Project 1: Case Study
  • Research methods and Visual Enquiry Unit Project 1: Mapping the Territory
  • Practical work that relates to each of the units
  • Some digital copies of sample pages from your sketchbooks plus journal entries/blog urlsrelevant to both the units of study

Second stage: submission Deadline 2nd of December

All work for this assessment is sent to OCA HQ in Barnsley, with every item carefully labelled, with a full contents list. All written work is also to be sent to your personal Dropbox. OCA employs a Plagiarism checker: Turnitin, and all your work will be subject to review with this tool, so please ensure all your work is carefully referenced using the Harvard Referencing system.

Your submission includes the following work:

Professional Context Unit

  • Professional Journal
  • Breaking your Boundaries task (NB this will include practical work)
  • Personal Practice Plan
  • Essay
  • Links to all online materials (e.g. blogs)

Research methods and Visual Enquiry Unit

  • Illustrated and Contextualised Essay
  • Send in an edited body of finished work (present the rest of your work online)
  • Sketch books and journals
  • Written work relating to the task and projects in this unit
  • Links to all online materials (e.g. blogs)

Plus a PowerPoint presentationto cover both units (further details on this requirement are available from your tutors)

All of this work should be delivered into your personal Dropbox.

The final submission is on 2nd December. For this assessment you have both digital work to submit (written work) which should be put both in your personal Dropbox AND sent in hard copy to OCA HQ. You will also have practical artwork to deliver.   

Large pieces of physical work that cannot be sent to OCA need to be thoroughly documented.

Please bear in mind the following rules:

No images should be covered in glass and nothing rolled in a tube.  All work must be possible to get through a standard door frame.  All work must be labelled clearly with your name and come with a contents list.  Of course the presentation of your work is important and care should be taken to present work well, and be easy for the assessors to view.

Students are responsible for postage to and from OCA. OCA has preferential courier rates for the return of work. No work should exceed 15 kilos in weight. If it does, the excess postage is down to you.

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