Current Issue – Mobile Vol 2 – 2021 Q1

VAP 2021-Q1


1: Virtual Exhibitions

This issue includes two outstanding and thoughtful exhibitions: New Visions and Sabor y Control.

Curated by Katie Neece, New Visions explores the various modes and approaches taken by artists working within the scope of “post-digital art” defining “post-digital” as a constantly shifting and morphing genre ever evolving within its current place in space and time.

Curated by Iván Sikic, Sabor y Control is a group show that explores a binary way of experiencing the Latin American context through the works of 14 Latin American and Caribbean artists.

2: Words and Pictures

Words and Pictures” is a regular feature on artists writing about other artists with an emphasis on exiting emerging and under-represented artists. This issue contains artwork and writing by: Anna Berghuis, Jenn Cacciola, Catie Dillon, Heather Drayzen, Stephanie Eche, Karine Guyon, Ray Hwang, Terra Keck, Trevor Kiernander, Lindsey Kircher, Charlie J Meyers, Natalie Ortiz, Cal Robb, Rose Silberman-Gorn.

3: VAPor

In this issue of VAPor where we explore the intersection of art and technology, Peruvian performer, composer, and robotics/ software developer Efraín Rozas is featured. Our conversation and clips of his work will be presented in a non-linear manner which is symbolic and empathetic to his research and philosophy. 

Equally an artist, academic, musician, and mystic, Rozas holds a PhD  from New York University on new integrations of body, mind and technology through ritual and rhythm. His time-based and performance artwork has been described by The New Yorker as “a heady confluence of technology, culture and cognition” and by Wire Magazine as “a deep psychonautic dive”. Rozas is recipient of many grants and awards who has also performed at prestigious institutions. He is currently preparing for a residency and exhibition at The Kitchen in New York City.


In addition to the artists and writers who contributed to Words and Pictures content this issue, we are grateful for the contributions made by: Katie Neece, Iván Sikic, and Sara Rose Jansen (again). Thank you also to Mark Glover Masterson for diligent proofreading and copy editing services.

From the editor

This issue is our second release for the Vantage Art Projects online magazine and it is a thrill to have two strong curatorial projects in this issue and equally exciting individual artist features.

Thank you to Efraín Rozas for allowing me to dive into and respond to his challenging, complex, and intellectual body of work and research. Our almost two hour long conversation was a delightfully stimulating experience.

And a special thanks to Gracelee Lawrence who’s work Reality Detached Itself is the first 3D virtual artwork we have exhibited.

Vantage Art Projects began in 2008 as an arts communication venture with a unique concept for exhibitions-in-print, media and publishing projects. VAP 2020 continues in the spirit as we expand to be a collaborative, curated, artist-run project combining both virtual and IRL (in-real-life) opportunities, exhibitions, and projects.

The three pillars of VAP:

  • Creating alternative and parallel, collaborative opportunities for emerging and under-represented contemporary artists;
  • Using accessible language to foster broad engagement with the contemporary arts;
  • Leveraging technology to communicate and connect about the contemporary arts.

We believe that art is an essential service.

Jennifer Mawby, co-founder and director of Vantage Art Projects.
19 March 2020.