VAP 2020 – Q4 Editorial Issue

20 November 2020, Vantage Art Projects released our first online editorial issue including: the virtual exhibition “No End in Sight”, curated by Charlie J Meyers, with writing by Sarah Rose Jansen; Words and Pictures, featuring artists writing about artists; and a special feature on artist Beth Frey, showcasing her recent social media selfie videos and […]

Lateral Learning

Lateral Learning, exhibition-in-print curatorial project produced and conceived by Vantage Art Projects, curated by Paul Butler, with cover art by Mark Clintberg, a commissioned essay by Dr. Jeanne Randolph and writing by Sheila Heti. Selected artists include: Amarie Bergman, Lisa Birke, Melissa Brown, Lydia Burggraaf, John Campbell, Robert Caspary, Lucia Cipriano, Jennifer Delos Reyes, Rebecca […]

Stone Soup Exhibition

Vantage Art Projects curated and presented the Stone Soup exhibition at Grace Gallery in Vancouver. The exhibition was a progressive mural installation, like an exquisite corpse relay race,  with two teams of artists each working on their teams installation in sequence over the course of three weeks. An opening to unveil each next iteration of […]