Words and Pictures 2021 Q4

VAP 2021-Q1

Artists and writers in this issue of Words and Pictures: Deborah Druick, Lauren Faulkner, Andrew Fernandez, Charlotte G. Ghomeshi, Kristen Heritage, Fabienne Jenny Jaquet, Sophia Lapres, Eric Mailloux, Dana O’Malley, Ursula Oberholzer, Lauren Packard, Denise Reichenbach, Adam Blaustein Rejto, Joan Reutershan, Eve Saint Jean, Patrick Semple, Lauren Skelly Bailey, Jennifer Smith, Matthew Uebbing, Rochelle Voyles, Xingyun Wang, Ellen Weider.

Charlotte Guirestante Ghomeshi is a visual artist based in Montreal who came of age in the Laurentides, an astonishingly beautiful,