VAP Q4 2020

The first online editorial edition of VAP 2020 will be release in the fourth quarter of this year with new
Written by Jenn Cacciola. Sometimes a ruthlessly reminiscent sound, smell or texture will cause me to pick up and dust
Qinza Najm is an interdisciplinary artist with a practice rooted in her background as a Psychologist studying interpersonal relationships. In
Written by Catie Dillon. When Lindsey and I studied in Florence, the sunlight would stream through our apartment windows and
The first time I talked to Fiona Buchanan about her work we considered the luxury of ugly painting. The second
Written by Lindsey Kircher. Taking in the terracotta reds and yellows of Catie Dillon’s most recent work, I am reminded
Written by Anna Berghuis. Raymond Hwang’s new body of work conquers perceived memory, often elaborating on the cracks that exist
Written by Stephanie Eche. I first experienced Jenn Cacciola’s artwork via a Zoom screen during the fall of 2020. Having
Written by Rose Silberman-Gorn. Rose: Where are you from and where are you currently based? Heather: I’m from San Antonio,
The vantage point of Jennifer Mawby’s paintings cast the viewer as voyeur. The subject of our gaze is obstructed, we
Charlotte Guirestante Ghomeshi is a visual artist based in Montreal who came of age in the Laurentides, an astonishingly beautiful,
VAP currently operates with an informal networks of advisors and participating artists, and industry partners. In 2020 our artist partners
Written by Trevor Kiernander. Karine Guyon’s paintings don’t want you to see them online. Or rather, Karine Guyon’s paintings insist
The first thought I had when looking at Hanna Brody’s recent watercolour portraits was of the the innate curiosity and
Anahoros. 2019. Tracy Abbott Szatan’s video and glass installation that I shall describe and use as a lens (preemptive pun
Written by Charlie J Meyers and Sarah Rose Jansen. Gazing at Cal’s work, mulling over our email discussion of it,
Written by Karine Guyon. At the dawn of Covid-19, an event we would all rather forget, there were only a
Alley Horn’s drawings, pastels and paintings pull us into personal spaces, into moments of intimacy and moments of silence —
The work of Cole Bourgeois constitutes an investigation into intimacy, utilizing color, space, and the energy as co-conspirators. In her