VAP2021-Q1 Words and Pictures

Paintings in the flesh: Karine Guyon

Written by Trevor Kiernander. Karine Guyon’s paintings don’t want you to see them online. Or rather, Karine Guyon’s paintings insist that you see them in the flesh.  Vibrant and vibrating, the paintings change with the slightest movement, and the viewer might find themselves contorting their necks to see where the painting will take them, but […]

VAP2020-Q4 Words and Pictures

Monoprinting as therapy in the portraits of Hanna Brody

The first thought I had when looking at Hanna Brody’s recent watercolour portraits was of the the innate curiosity and generosity that is required in order to capture such thoughtful and ephemeral impressions of another individual. Already a talented portraitist, these works reveal even more clearly the Brody’s concern to capture temporal impermanence through the […]